Official Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

First, I want to thank all of you for your continued support during these challenging times. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and are taking the necessary precautionary measures to stay healthy.

The impact of the coronavirus has affected our lives in unprecedented ways and has forced us to adapt to a completely new way of life. On the other hand, it has also brought out the very best in our community. Assistance from within our own community is reaching those on the front lines of the pandemic -- our medical personnel and first responders -- in creative ways, and there seems to be a newfound appreciation for service workers, one that I personally hope will continue long after this crisis is over.

Additionally, our schools have really become hubs for our community. While teachers work diligently to provide remote learning opportunities for our students, our food service workers, who have always been heroes in my eyes, continue to provide nutritious meals for our students even during these uncertain times. For updates on how the district is addressing COVID-19, I urge you to regularly check the school district website at The district’s response to the pandemic has rightly put student and staff safety first, but it has also exposed how unprepared schools at home and across the country are in terms of dealing with a crisis like the coronavirus. As we move forward, we must examine how we can be better prepared to combat not just visible threats, but invisible ones as well. Safety and security is one of the key issues I pledged to focus on when I embarked on this campaign, an issue that has become even more prescient under current circumstances.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the threat of this virus increase every day. California now has 2,535 confirmed cases despite the fact that we still do not have enough test kits. This lack of test kits is exactly why we need to shelter in place or, if we must leave our homes, practice social distancing. I wanted to remind everyone to please check for the latest recommendations on what you can do to keep you, your loved ones, and the greater community safe.

 Finally, I want to close by saying we are all in this together and I am confident we will become a stronger, kinder, more united community once we overcome this threat. Please take care of one another.