Thank you to everyone who supported me and my campaign over these last months.

Ultimately, elections are not about the candidate who wins or loses, but about the constituents the winning candidate has the honor of representing. I am saddened, not for myself, but for the students of Victor Valley Union High School District who will not have the advocate they deserve on their school board. As a 19-year teacher, I dedicated my career to empowering my most vulnerable and underserved students, and I had hoped to do that on a larger scale for the students of this city that I have called home for so long. It's much too early for me to decide what the future holds for me politically, but I know I will continue to fight for young people, especially young people of color and young women, both in my classroom and through the many organizations I proudly serve.

For now, I would like to thank my campaign staff, the dedicated volunteers, and the organizations that supported me along the way. Thank you for the countless hours you put in simply because you believed in me. Thank you for every dollar you donated, every step you took, every call you made, every postcard you wrote, and every text you sent. Without your efforts, we would not have been able to turn out the vote count that we did. 

Seta Ghazarian